Strange World

Greenhorn Shorts: Strange World
15th November at 3pm
Tickets: £7
ArtHouse Crouch End

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Escape the burden of impending Monday morning doom by immersing yourself in a series of strange worlds, beautifully realised in this programme of shorts that leave the ordinary behind. Expect the unexpected.


Better Than Tomorrow
Directed by EuiJeong Hong
After years in cryogenic status, Norman is brought back to life and immediately sent to a male quarantine facility.Persistent yet patient, Norman struggles through the bureaucracy of the quarantine in order to finally meet his wife. However, their reunion comes with a shocking revelation about this perplexing new world.


Directed by Arjan Brentjes
In a 1960’s talk show a scientist discusses the future possibility of indefinite human life. In the meantime we see his memories of a short love affair.


Directed by Rory Waudby-Tolley
Tusk tells the tragic tale of a mammoth defrosted into an unrecognizable future. Forced to live like her evolved decedents… walk upright, cut her hair, wear clothes and get a job, she yearns for her ancient herd lost in a snow storm hundreds of thousands of years earlier.


Directed by Edward Tracy
In a futuristic version of 1940s London, an injured man turns out to have had a love implant put inside him without his knowing, in order to make him fall him love with a spy. The spy has by now fallen in love for real with the man, and she must decide whether to reveal all and betray her mission, hoping he might still love her.


Getting Fat in a Healthy Way
Directed by Kevork Aslanyan
In a world where gravity is weak and skinny people fly into the sky, Constantine has never left the apartment he shares with his father Atanas. One day the beautiful stewardess who moves into the building will change Constantine’s life forever.


‘Deadlock’ – Stealing Sheep
Directed by Ewan Jones Morris
Music video from Liverpool based band Stealing Sheep, lost in a vaguely mathematical surrealist universe.

The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal
Directed by Christina Felisgrau & Ronnie Rivera
A computer and a woman fall in love, only to be torn apart because of their inappropriate feelings for each other.

Monkey Love Experiments
Directed by Ainslie Henderson & Will Anderson
Inspired by love, a misguided monkey believes he is destined for the moon.

Directed by Yaya Xu
All we experience becomes irrevocably part of us. For the creature we accompany here, the phenomenon is physical.